Services We Provide for Web Application Development

If you have key documents for your project but don’t know where to begin, read our guide on the development process for web application

A web app development service helps create, build, and evolve web-based applications. We deliver impactful, efficient, and easy-to-use corporate and customer-facing web apps, web portals, and XaaS products at Datatech BD Ltd. Partnering with Datatech BD Ltd will help you grow your customer base, unlock new digital channels, increase conversion six-fold, and accomplish other rewarding business goals.

Project planning for web development

If you have key documents for your project but don’t know where to begin, read our guide on the hiring process for web app developers, which compares in-house development with team augmenting and team collaboration.

Using experience in over 30 industries, our business analysts outline the scope of a web application and define project requirements. We then provide you with a high-level project plan, rough time and budget estimates, and assemble a team for the implementation of your web project.

Web application development

Interestingly, Datatech BD Ltd’s web architects are well versed in all latest architecture patterns, including microservices, headless, and PWA, while our developers are skilled in taming a wide variety of web development tools. We use Project Management Office competencies and a rich set of KPIs to ensure on-time and quality delivery, including:

  • Cycle Time and Lead Time.
  • Check release burndown.
  • Churn of code.
  • Recovery time.
  • Escaping defects.

Quality assurance

With the sophisticated QMS (Quality Management System) approved by the ISO 9001 certificate and the IMAAT (Integrated Manual and Automated Testing) approach, Datatech BD Ltd can ensure that your website’s performance is secure, sustainable, and fast.


Through custom APIs, we integrate your web app/portal with a CMS and your software infrastructure to help you automate and streamline workflows. In order to add new functional modules to already developed web applications, our integration experts use a CI/CD pipeline for smooth deployment without affecting the performance of the web application

24/7 support

We support L1, L2, and L3 levels of your web app and troubleshoot any emerging issues in usage, configurations, or code. Our support provides high availability and failsafe functionality for your web app, web portal, or another web-based solution, ensuring a stable workflow and high satisfaction for your users.

Optimization and evolution

Ensure that each released update is continuously monitored and functional for fault-free performance by choosing web software evolution and support.

To stay up-to-date with your business needs and user expectations, we continually enhance and update your web application. Based on our mature DevOps culture, we deploy urgent fixes within 1-2 days and release planned app updates every 2-6 weeks.