Business-tailored ERP software development helps businesses

Business-tailored ERP software development helps businesses build a scalable, integrated business management system that enables data-driven decision-making.

Business-tailored ERP software development helps businesses build a scalable, integrated business management system that enables data-driven decision-making.

ERP Modules That We Create

Using the following ERP modules, we can automate and raise the efficiency of your workflows depending on your business needs and budget.

Accounting and Finance

Plan and analyze financial data, track accounts payables and receivables, manage general ledgers, automate billing.

Human Resource Management.

Manage HR policies, recruiting and onboarding, as well as payroll, employee attendance, learning, and request management.

Management of production

Organizing, scheduling, and controlling production. Sub-modules may include quality assurance and product lifecycle management.

Marketing and Sales

Using the system you can automate customer order management, plan data-driven marketing campaigns, communicate with your customers, and get a close look at your sales.

Managing the supply chain

Manage vendors, automate procurement, and manage inventory.

Management of projects

The plan and monitor project activity, assign and track tasks, use tools for team collaboration (instant messaging, shared folders, etc.).

Documention management

Document storage centralized, navigation and sharing of different document types made easy, document templates.

Data analytics and business intelligence

Monitoring, measuring, and optimizing of every business department’s performance using comprehensive data analysis and visualization tools.

Virtual assistants and chatbots for users

Users can use chatbots to interact with ERP (such as for employee onboarding), while virtual assistants automate routine tasks specific to their organization (such as updating customer information, sending alerts on low inventory levels, capturing order shipment information, etc.)

Knowledge management

The repository has an automatic knowledge classification system, a powerful search engine, tools for knowledge sharing, and collaboration.
  • Reliable data migration tools
  • Access control and data protection
  • Monitoring of application performance

Multiple-Platform ERP for Easy Access

Web application

with overall functionality.

Desktop application

There are certain software modules that require complex user interfaces, such as planning.

Mobile application

Dashboards for fast decision-making, notifications that streamline workflows, limited functionality for convenient data entry and retrieval.

With all ERP applications, our focus is on user-friendly user interfaces that increase employee productivity and satisfaction as well as a UX that stimulates user behavior.

Industries that Using our ERP software

Food & Beverage

There is strong competition for food and beverage manufacturers as well as strict regulatory requirements, high material cost variability, and quality management concerns. We provide access to clear, accurate and real-time information within your entire industry through ERP software development.

Benefits of ERP in this Industry:

  • Improved decision-making
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Decreased stockouts and waste
  • Streamlined management of restaurants and franchises
  • Cost-effective investment for the food and beverage industry
  • Easy measurement of key performance indicators
  • Cost-effective
  •  Single data source

Industry of Healthcare

Healthcare occupies a distinctive place among industries. Many things are handled by ERP software, such as patient information, supplies, payroll, compliances, etc.

Benefits of ERP in healthcare Industry:

  • Improved efficiency of healthcare processes and procedures.
  • Reduced operational costs
  • More accurate financial planning
  • Better care for patients

Hospitality Sector

Various aspects must come together in order for a hospitality business to succeed. Accounting systems help automate processes and save time.

Benefits of ERP in hospitality Industry:

  • Monitors the guest history to assist the staff in managing customers and increasing sales
  • Modules that are easy to use reduce complexity
  • A dashboard provides a clear view into the status of ongoing processes
  • Providing better customer service, such as with inquiries about room availability, charges, etc.

Manufacturing Industry

Since the manufacturing industry is highly competitive in nature, it is imperative for such businesses to have a solution that increased efficiency, increased sales, reduced costs, and improved profitability while allowing them to make strategic and informed decisions.

Benefits of ERP in Manufacturing Industry:

  • Streamlining and automating business processes
  • Responding quickly to market changes
  • Achieving a higher customer satisfaction rate
  • Reduced costs
  • Making informed strategic decisions

Construction Sector

In this industry, we have to deal with a variety of materials, inventories, cost control, trades, and processes. ERP applications are essential for this industry.

Benefits of our ERP in this Industry:

  • Manages multiple-level work breakdowns, schedules, and resources for projects
  • Eliminates all inefficiencies caused by manual processes
  • Consolidates all project management functions into a single platform
  • Captures business data in an electronic format

Benefits of Datatech BD Ltd. ERP Software Services

Accuracy in estimation

Our Project Management Office (PMO) is equipped with the skills and experience to handle complex high-priority projects. We can accurately predict project delivery time and costs.

Reduced financial risks

Before starting a project, we conduct feasibility studies and provide technical product management consulting to ensure financial feasibility.

Quick MVP development

Using our iterative development approach, a solution can be delivered in 3-5 months and updated every 2-6 weeks.

Transparency and self-management

Providing regular, documented reports, and proactive risk management, we minimize management effort on the customer’s side.